Cat Butler

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Catherine Butler is a San Francisco-based, self-taught painter who works primarily in oils, recently expanding into watercolor. Weaving through different subjects of her imagining with bold, bright colors and sometimes heavily textured backgrounds she creates the illusion of realism and the whimsy of pop art simultaneously. Catherine Butler's art invites you to explore the unexpected symbolism of her paintings hidden within.


I was inspired early on by the realism of the Old Masters of the Renaissance period, marveling at their techniques for creating intricate detail and life-like images. The inspiration for my work comes from the interaction between science, art, and nature. I am fascinated with Nikola Tesla’s life story and inventions, particularly his theoretical technologies. Also a fan of DaVinci’s sketches, I often incorporate sketchbook-style figures, formulas, and equations into the backgrounds of my paintings. In one commissioned piece from the Rockets series, scientists from NASA who were enthusiastic about my work sent me the mathematical formulas for various theories they were working on and I incorporated them into the commissioned work.